Virtual Private Piano Lessons

With nearly 30 years experience as a professional piano teacher in high demand, I can help you excel at piano playing and truly enjoy making music. 

"The recital was fun yesterday. The quartet was a great blend of comedy and talent! It was like a mini-Monty Python skit. Your work with the kids is obvious..." ~ Kae B., parent of 2nd grader, South Lyon, MI

"Thank you for helping me become the piano player I am... and for giving us trophies and ice cream coupons. I'm grateful for having a great piano teacher like you." ~ Noah B., 5th grade student, South Lyon, MI

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How do virtual piano lessons work?

To be quite honest, virtual piano lessons are a lot like in-person lessons.

The real beauty lies in the fact that you can connect with an expert piano teacher no matter where either of us live -- so long as we can find a mutually compatible time for your lesson.

You book a regular lesson time, which will be reserved just for you, the same as with in-person lessons. I will not take other appointments at the time of your lesson.

We will meet for your scheduled time via Google Meet or Zoom, just as if we were meeting in person. We'll discuss and critique the music you're learning, I'll answer any questions you have, and I'll hear you play your music. Then I'll introduce new musical concepts, as well as new music that applies those concepts.

The main difference is that we'll be connected via Zoom or Google Meet. So you'll need a reliable internet connection (kick everyone else off their devices during your lessons so you get good bandwidth 😊).

You'll also need a laptop or tablet with a camera so I can see and hear you... and see your hands while you're playing.

Please set up for our scheduled time five minutes early, so any technical hiccups can be worked out before your start time.

The registration process is the same as for in-person lessons.

1. Read the Studio Policies here.

2. Complete the registration form on the Contact page.

3. After I receive your registration form, you and I will decide on a mutually compatible lesson time and length via phone, email, or text.

4. I'll send you an invoice for the registration fee and the first month's payment.

5. Prompt payment will secure your selected time.

Ready to make your dream of playing piano come to life? 

“What has keys but can’t listen to the beauty it unlocks? A piano!"

Jarod Kintz

Ready to make your dream of playing piano come to life?