Virtual/online and In-Person Private Piano Instruction

During my 29 years as a professional piano teacher and coach I've been in high demand, with long waiting lists for open slots. I just made a cross-country move to Norman, OK (near Goldsby, Moore, and Oklahoma City, OK), which gives you the opportunity to book lessons now while I have rare availability. I'm also now available for virtual lessons, so you can book lessons with me no matter where you live. 😊

I help you enjoy piano, and truly excel at it... even if you're an adult who hated piano as a kid.

Sternness was the motto of the day when I learned. I hated that. That's why I always try to make learning piano a truly fun and pleasant experience for kids of all ages. I want you to have positive feelings about piano for the rest of your life.

~ Carol Parks

9 Unexpected Things Your Piano Tuition Covers...

Tuition covers far more than just your lesson. It also includes preparation time for each student in the following ways:

  • Private teacher-student instruction for your designated lesson time
  • A comprehensive plan for each student's course of study
  • Development of specialized teaching materials
  • Planning and purchasing of individualized repertoire
  • Research and development of new teaching approaches suitable for each student
  • 29+ years of piano teaching expertise, owning piano schools in five states and teaching over 1,000 students. (I started teaching in high school.)
  • Piano maintenance
  • Professional development
  • Complete dedication toward student success in music -- and in life!

"I enjoyed the recital. The certificates and roses were really nice! :-) You're an awesome piano teacher!" ~ Tanya Y., 10th grader from Northville H.S., Northville, MI

"We are sooooo pleased with M's progress so far... than you for your teacing expertise!" ~ Claudia A., parent/preschool teacher, South Lyon, MI


Which type of piano instruction is right for you? 

Online/remote, in-person, or a hybrid?

Private lessons start at $45/lesson, pre-paid monthly.

A $50 registration fee holds your spot, plus covers your annual music and materials.

Virtual / Remote Piano Lessons

You live across town or anywhere in the world and want to work together virtually. (You must be fluent in English.)


In-Person Piano Lessons

You live in or near Norman, Goldsby, or Oklahoma City, OK and want to work together in-person (or a hybrid of in-person and virtually).

"You have provided my daughter the inspiration to succeed in music." ~ J.J., parent, South Lyon, MI

"The recital was fun yesterday. I was very impressed with all the talented kids!" ~ Laura G., parent of 2nd grader, South Lyon, MI

Every pianist needs a piano teacher/coach. 

Here are three reasons to hire a piano teacher...

#1. Without a qualified piano teacher it's hard to know how well you're really doing. Your friends and loved ones may applaud you. But it's important for you to know that your playing is grounded in the fundamentals of rhythm and notation... as well as expressing the overall feel of the music.

#2. When you learn the music and it doesn't feel quite right, it's hard to know what to fix. You may be too close to it. Or you may be overlooking important fundamentals that can hinder your progress. A good piano teacher helps you see your musical blind spots.

#3. A good piano teacher will introduce you to music you wouldn't otherwise play. Most people get stuck in one musical genre and don't explore or discover others without the direction of someone to introduce them to multiple genres. Each genre also has its own nuances and musical interpretation. You never know if the ones you avoid might be the ones you end up loving the best.

The saying goes...

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

Are you ready?

β€œI’m an interpreter of stories. When I perform it’s like sitting down at my piano and telling fairy stories.”

~ Nat King Cole

Are you ready to start making great music?