Carol Parks - Allegro Piano School piano lessons

Keyboard vs. Acoustic Piano -- My professional opinion

One of the questions I get asked all the time as a piano teacher is which type of instrument to play on – an acoustic piano or a keyboard.


Here’s my advice... it depends! (It really does.)


Read on to find out what it depends on...


Discover the key factors for yourself before deciding on which option is for you.


Because you want to make music... not buying mistakes.


Carol Parks - Allegro Piano School piano lessons

How to Supercharge Your Practice Productivity

Every day you practice the piano moves you toward success. But what if you could supercharge your progress and become highly competent years before others do?

It really takes so little to be above average. Just do the little things most people don't or won't do.

If you're reading this on behalf of a child under 12 or 13, help them establish these success habits. They need your input.

... Here are 15 ways to shorten the learning curve and gain competency faster than...

Carol Parks - Allegro Piano School piano lessons

My Philosophy of Teaching Piano

I had a big decision to make when I was a junior in high school.


I’d just started teaching piano students of my own. The big question was...


Would I follow in the footsteps of my own piano teachers... or would I adopt a more student-centric, friendly and gracious approach?


At the time, severity was the rule of the day.

For teachers then it was their way or the highway. Students and their parents had few choices.

So what did I do?


Work with an "A" level teacher, shorten your learning curve, and love playing piano.

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About Carol Parks

Carol Parks is the founder of Allegro Piano School. She calls the OKC area home now, though she's lived all over the country. When she’s not teaching piano, she loves to hang out with family, watch and play sports, go for long walks, travel, or curl up with a good book.