Experience the joy of playing piano... 

Ever dreamt of playing piano, but thought it was too late?

Looking for a new way to help your child or grandchild grow, develop, and become more responsible?

Whatever your reason, learning to play piano brings huge benefits far in excess of its costs... and your newfound skills can be a blessing to others in this day of infinite stress.

I believe playing piano should be fun as well as educational. That's why I teach a variety of musical styles, and help you learn the music you aspire to play.

Yes, it takes some work and practice to be successful. That's why I also show you how to practice, and help you develop a mindset for success.

"I have heard nothing but rave reviews from students and parents about their piano lessons and recitals with you." ~ D.M. elementary school teacher, South Lyon, MI

"Carol Parks chooses music selections that are challenging and fun for my children." ~ Randy B., Psychotherapist,

South Lyon, MI


Moving you from "not musical" to accomplished pianist... whether you're 5, 45, or 95!

Give yourself the chance to become the pianist you dream of becoming. Bring your child or grandchild into the wonderful world of music, and help them develop a skill they can enjoy for a lifetime.

Piano is the instrument of choice... the "king of instruments." Nothing else even begins to compare to the full rich sound a piano creates.

I'm Carol Parks.

I'm a wife, mom of five, grandmother of ten, lifetime pianist, transplant to Oklahoma, and professional piano teacher who's spent nearly 30 years helping thousands of people in five states learn to enjoy the beauty and challenge of piano musicianship.

I started teaching piano lessons while a junior in high school in Neenah, WI, and have since taught in Vancouver, WA, West Plains, MO, and South Lyon, MI before moving to and teaching in Oklahoma.

Piano fundamentals need to be accurately taught and learned in order to succeed in music. After all, you don't know when you can get by with breaking the rules if you don't know what they are. Besides, they're critical for the greatest musical success on any instrument.

But why not make the fundamentals as exciting as possible? Why not make it all as fun as possible?

I also don't believe perfection exists on earth, though perhaps it's a good idea to strive for it. 😊

One of the funniest moments in my musical career was at one of our annual recitals. We had a quartet (two players each on two pianos). At various points during the piece, the four players had to pop a total of 12 balloons. We'd blown through hundreds of balloons to perfect the piece. However, the actual performance was actually anything but perfect!

Still, the crowd roared! Attendees talked for months about my students' Monty Python stunt on stage. (Monty Python, if you don't know, was a well-known British comedy troupe.) So although Balloon Pop Polka didn't go according to our "perfect" plan, this foursome succeeded in making people laugh... which is a great feat in its own right.

I help you do more than develop your piano playing skills. You'll learn the fundamentals of rhythm, notation, aural training, and theory. More importantly, I help you to truly connect with your music and find joy and sense of accomplishment. And have some FUN along the way.

Ready to bring the joy of music into your life... or into the life of a loved one?